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GNOYO Retreat

Traditionally the kick off to the GNOYO season, the fall retreat is designed as an exciting activity to strengthen personal relationships between the GNOYO conductors and fellow orchestra members. The retreat which traditionally takes place at the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center in Loranger, LA includes a fun filled weekend of icebreakers, team building and music activities.

2021 GNOYO Retreat Guidelines & Waiver Form (Please Fill Out Online)
2021 GNOYO Retreat Packet & Schedule (Please Download and Print)

26th Season GNOYO Retreat 

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25th Anniversary Season (2019-2020) GNOYO Retreat Photos

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23rd Season (2017-2018) GNOYO Retreat Photos 

Friday September 15th 
Saturday September 16th
21st Season GNOYO Retreat Photos
Friday September 18th
Saturday September 19th
22nd Season GNOYO Retreat Photos 
Saturday September 17th