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20th Anniversary East Coast Tour to Carnegie Hall

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7100 St Charles Ave, Suite 207
New Orleans LA, 70118

Dear GNOYO members, alumni and Friends we are delighted to present the 20th Anniversary East Coast Tour to Carnegie Hall

GNOYO tour philosophy (Educational, Life changing and Community building)

Touring background and philosophy

Touring has become a traditional part of the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestras experience since its Carnegie Hall debut in 2009. Many of GNOYO orchestras have had exchange experiences with other youth orchestras, or played concerts in cities away from home. The Symphony, as standard bearer of our youth orchestral organization, has been heard internationally with resounding response and success.


The key objectives of touring (stated below) will remain constant, while each tour’s destination will contribute additional reasons for that particular tour. The expectations among our talent pool of young musicians that a tour will take place every other year contribute to recruitment and retention. Tours are an important extension of their students’ musical education, a valuable milestone in their growth towards a wider view of the world. Often the volunteer aspects of tour planning, coupled with opportunities to be a chaperone, contribute to the creation of a core group of people who remain active supporters long after a tour has ended.


The Symphony, as an orchestra, benefits during a tour year, as the increased number of concerts contributes to a level of quality. Audiences attending tour concerts are often the most enthusiastic the orchestra has ever played for, inspiring a level of performance which may surprise even the musicians themselves.


Performing either in a city where our musical culture was born and lives on in the very fabric of daily life, or where it is an exotic luxury and the stuff of dreams, contributes to a profound experience for members of the orchestra, one which could not be gained at home. Each concert becomes important in a deeply personal way. Music as an international language becomes very real.


The orchestra comes home eager to share what it has gained through music. Returning musicians form an experienced core in the ensemble. They have become friends who contribute to student leadership and model commitment to practice and rehearsal. They have a new understanding of where this hard work can lead.

Like an athletic team, members of the orchestra have learned to extend themselves in order to hold up their section, their part of the whole. In setting new goals for themselves, and in raising their expectations for the fellow players, they create the intangible pride, excitement and spirit of the music.


 The audition process for non Symphony members and Alums.

Fill out application and submit a 1 minute audition performing portion of a piece that best display your ability on your instrument only video format will be accepted to deadline October 4, 2014. All will be notify of the result by October 6, 2014.


The tour is estimated at $1750 per person.(The Package will include motor coach transportation with ac outlets and wifi, hotels, 8 breakfasts,1 lunch and 2 dinners, 1ticket for the performance, Boat ride and dinner around Manhattan after the Carnegie Hall concert. Plans include master classes and sectionals with world class musicians such as member of the Philadelphia Symphony and the New York Philharmonic, sightseeing and five concert performances.) Additional spending money estimate is $25-$35 per day for other meals and incidentals.


A non-refundable $250 security deposit per member is required by October 11, 2014 for us to proceed with our tour plan. We have a very limited 100 seats reserved. Parents are welcome to join us on the tour.


Individual non-refundable deposit of $250.00 due  by Saturday, October 11, 2014

Individual deposit of $500.00 per person  due by Saturday, November 15, 2014

Individual deposit of $500.00 per person  due by Saturday, January 31, 2015

Individual deposit of $500.00 per person    due by Saturday, February 28, 2015


Alumni invitation process

The GNOYO has a long tradition of excellence which is set by the standards of its great alums. Therefore All GNOYO Alums are invited to participate with a two packages offer.

1. Travel with us by from New Orleans-Package one is $1750

2. Meet us in New York City, rehearse and perform with us at Carnegie Hall and all the activities listed above in New York- Package two is $1000

Tour dates

The anticipated tour dates are from June 22nd-June 29th, 2015.


On Going Fundraising efforts

1. Through identifying sponsors email with any potential sponsors contact info…
2. Through Individual donors (Donate Now)
3. Through Students Performances (Solo, Chamber groups and Large ensemble available for hire at various events) email with any request

Questions? Comments! Suggestions…

Please email us at

Let’s Have a Great 20th Anniversary Tour!