Coronavirus Information

Dear GNOYO Family,

We hope you are all finding ways to cope with the new reality of our lives and making sure you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

We are grateful for your support and patience during these challenging times.

Many thanks for your continued words of kindness, encouragement and support.

In the last two weeks we have taken the time to assess the situation and have decided that until further notice, GNOYO will continue all its operations and instructions online using all the available platforms to keep our members stimulated, engaged, challenged and rewarded for their ongoing progress.

1) Our private teachers will continue to teach remotely with the YAA, EIP & Chamber Music if and when at all possible.

2) Conductors will provide instructions, monitor, guide and support all members in their respective orchestras for the rest of the season. Please stay tuned. Their instructions will be forthcoming.

3) We are encouraging all members to continue with private lessons online with your respective teachers that are independently teaching in the region. Please contact us if you need assistance with finding a private teacher.

4) We are putting in place performance platforms so our students can be featured periodically beginning on April 5th, 2020 through:

The GNOYO Live Online Performance Series. (Using diverse platform which will be announced on a regular basis)
The GNOYO YouTube Channel
The GNOYO Facebook Video

5) Whenever possible, we encourage individual performances at home for loved ones.

6) We encourage the formation of family chamber groups in all styles and genres of music where we have multiple members of the family who are musicians.

7) We are inviting you to participate in our GNOYO Talent Show Series aiming to feature those who have other talents such as singing, dancing and other instruments can participate.

8) Upcoming EventsApril 5, 2020 3:00 pm In lieu of a concert we would like to feature our concerto winners in a live solo performance Henry Vu, CelloSophia Vu, Violin

We invite all interested in participating in our new performance series opportunity or talent show to immediately contact Dr. Jean Montes via email at or text or call at (504) 616-1652.Please continue to follow all official guidelines so we may continue to take care of ourselves and each other while staying safe and healthy.Please keep those that are affected in your hearts, thoughts and prayers and do not hesitate to let us know if we can assist in any way.

Dr. Jean Montes Music Director
Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestras