Midori Performs Mendelssohn with GNOYO

On January 10, 2010, the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestras performed with world-famous violinist Midori at the Mahalia Jackson Theater.

“Midori’s concerts with the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestras and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra were initiated as a means of reinvigorating the classical music landscape in post-hurricane New Orleans. This collaborative project is modeled on Midori’s Orchestra Residencies Program, which aims to strengthen the ties of the American youth orchestra to its local professional orchestra, as well as to bolster relationships with performers, staff, and the community-at-large.”

“I think Midori is an inspiration to musicians because she was great at a young age, I am honored to be playing on a stage with her.”
-Heaven Douglas

“Being in GNOYO is very fun, and I’m excited to play with Midori.”
-Hartwell Tickner

“Being in GNOYO is very fun with all my new friends showing me what excellence is. These concerts make me proud to be in our philharmonia orchestra.”
-Bradley Smith

“Midori is the best violin player I know of on Earth. She’s been playing since she was four! I got to shake Midori’s hand yesterday and say a few words to her! It’s a privilege that she’s going to play a song with us.”
-Kalila Daveron

“How I feel about Midori:

  • nice, pretty smart
  • glad she came
  • very good violin player

Being in Orchestra:

  • glad to improve playing violin
  • happy to learn to play with a group
  • have a chance to meet special people like Midori”

-Kelly Yu