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Greetings Philharmonia!

We hope you are staying well and healthy and finding ways to be awesome.

Many musical ensembles have turned to technology to keep the music going in times when we can’t be physically present in the same room and this week we’re going to make our own split-screen recording of March of the Meistersingers! When we finish we’ll publish it on the GNOYO social media pages and you’ll have an awesome memento of spring 2020.

First some inspiration:

Socially Distant Orchestra performs Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture:

The Rotterdam Philharmonic performs ‘Ode to Joy’ from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony:

l’Orchestre national de France performs Ravel’s Bolero:

Now it’s your turn!!

You will need two devices, one to watch the track of Mr Dykema conducting and listen to the metronome, one to record a video of yourself playing your part. You will also need headphones. 

Put both of them where you can see them, on a computer next to the music stand or something similar. Make sure your camera is at a decent angle (not looking up your nose). You should be facing the camera, torso up. Camera should be on a stable surface, (books, table, music stand), NOT held by hand.

Push play on the conducting video. 

Tune your instrument with the A that’s given, and listen to the metronome clicks. 

Start your video recording. 

Play from measure 27 to the end in ‘March of the Meistersingers’, WITHOUT THE PICKUP. 

Listen and practice a couple of times with the conducting video so you can be confident when you play. 

Video explaining the process here.

Video of Mr Dykema conducting here.

When you’re finished, share with, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Stay awesome!

Dr Jurjevich and Mr Dykema