Symphony Online Program

Symphony Activity for MembersĀ 

Dear Wonderful Symphony members,

I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.  

Hope you had a week full of great moments and you feel that you are continuing to making progress as a musician, with your academic subjects as well as developing as a sensitive and caring person.  

We have not received your recordings yet, so for this week, I would like all of you to continue to work on the first part of Duels and try to refine your part to be ready to send me recording or a video of your playing next week at the tempo that works best for you so I can see your work in progress as much as possible please send it by Monday June 1st, 2020 at

Click Here to Access Your Sheet Music

1. Take both movements for this week 

2. Please listen to them and follow along with your part  

3. Practice your part slowly until you have it down 

4. You can try one line at time at your pace

5. Practice your part close to the tempo with the audio file of the part at various tempo of your choice until you arrive to the ideal tempo

6. Practice your part with the audio file of the orchestra at various tempo of your choice until you arrive to the ideal tempo 

7. Remember to remain very focused (Keep in mind the Tone, Articulation, Intonation, Dynamic ranges & Tempo) 

8. Take a video recording as indicated above while you are listening to the piece in a headphone at the ideal tempo if at all possible and send it to me.

Have fun putting it together!

Congratulations to all seniors on your graduation!

Feel free to email me at if you have follow up questions.

Take good care, Please stay safe and healthy.


Dr. Jean Montes